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At least one author listed on the ePoster abstract must be registered for at least one day of the conference (Tuesday/Wednesday) for the ePoster to be confirmed. Registration is due midnight 9th September 2015.
Accepted ePoster authors must submit their ePoster slide using the correct template by email to the conference secretariat by 9th October 2015.
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ePoster Slide Template
ePoster Slide Instructions & Tips

THEME Allied Health Marketing and Profile
01 Blogging in allied health: experience from an OT practice.
Amy Geach
02 Preventing pitfalls of service planning through early engagement of allied health
Julianne Donnelly*, Sarah Raffell
03 What GPs want!
Amy Geach
04 Disposal of unwanted medications: A safer home for the elderly
Kyrillos Guirguis
05 E-Learning resource to support allied health assistant felegation training
Annette Davis, Tilly Waite, Desiree Terrill
THEME Assistant Workforces
06 A day in the life of an Interdisciplinary Allied Health Assistant
Rosie Antypas*, Dr Lisa O'Brien, Jacqui Salway
07 Allied health assistances in cardiorespiratory and paediatrics physiotherapy
Cassie Bell
08 Providing shared client care across organisations: Tools to implement the AHA Supervision and Delegation Framework
Dr Suzanne Evas, Vicki Jenkins, Ashley Willock, Deborah Kay*
09 Evaluation of speech pathology therapy assistant roles in an acute stroke unit
Aditi Gandhi, Marissa Corcoran, Rachel Wenke*
10 Evaluation of the 'Enhancing the role of the Nutrition Assistant at Dandenong Hospital' project
Teresa Orsini*, Jennifer Sequiera, Celia Durie
11 National Allied Health Assistant Working Group: A community of practice
Leanne Pagett
12 Introduction of Community Care Allied Health Assistant Clinics
Leanne Pagett*, Dominic Furphy, Shaun Archer
13 Using the Calderdale Framework for workforce redesign: Pharmacy Assistant role redesign on an inpatient unit
Rachael Raleigh, Trudy Teasdale, Jill Mahoney*, Dr Rachel Wenke
14 The development and implementation of a mealtime assistance competency program for allied health assistants
Dr Amanda Scott*, Meaghan Waddingham, Janine Mahoney, Dr Delwyne Stephens
15 Allied health assistants in NSW - a structured approach
Sue Steele-Smith
16 Allied Health Assistant training program for equipment sourcing and ordering
Sarah Temby, Bernadette O'Connor*, Erin Lowrie
17 The role of Physician Assistants in Allied Health Workforce in rural Australia.
Ankur Verma, Ruth Mcleod*
THEME Big Ideas
18 Clinical prioritisation tools - to use or not to use?
Jo Brady*, Katherine Harding
19 Professionalism and philosophy: Understanding workforce change
Martin Chadwick
20 Improving allied health and nursing outcomes through best practice guidelines for Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Dr Zoe Davidson*, Dr Paula Bray, A/Prof. Monique Ryan, Merryn Pearce, Prof. Joshua Burns
21 From little things, big things grow - the development of an infant feeding system.
Kay Gibbons*, Bernadette O'Connor, Michele Meehan
22 Barriers to self-managing foot care, how addressing these can improve the quality of life and reduce the needs for podiatry services.
Carol Mioduchowski*, Tina Loxley*
23 Mmmmm-health - a tasty choice for consumer care, 'front and centre' on the menu
Jacqueline Nix
24 It started as a good idea and grew into a wave of change
Kate Osborne *, Lyndel Santibanez, Tanya Lehmann
25 Does religion have a place in hospitals?
Martin Prewer, David Glenister *
26 Leading transformational change in quality systems through an Allied Health innovation framework
Rebecca Tyson
27 Streamlining Allied Health led outpatient clinics in preparation for centralised access
Lucy Whelan, Raisa Shaikh, Gillian Butcher, Kerry May*
THEME Early Graduate Programs
28 Transition support program for allied health graduates - the how and the who
Lauren Muir *, Dr Karen Donald, Dr Ruth Nicholls, Dora Szucs
29 Transition support program for Allied Health graduates - all together now!
Dr Ruth Nicholls *, Dr Karen Donald, Lauren Muir, Daniela Feuerlicht
30 Presentation and evaluation of a multi-disciplinary graduate program for nursing, occupational and music therapy
Alice Parkhill *, Anneliis Way *
31 New graduate allied health in mental health - a workforce development programme
Suzanne Stubbs, Megan Owens *
THEME Education / Academics
32 Allied Health: Tracing the meaning of the term
Martin Chadwick
33 Improving workplace education efficiency and quality- evaluation of an Allied Health practitioner education framework
Janet Golder *, Sam Sevenhuysen, Melanie Farli
34 Clinical education model for the Acute Neurosciences Physiotherapy Team
Thao Nguyen
35 Internationalisation of Australian health sciences curricula: A case study
Michael Storr *, Dr Sze-Ee Soh, Dr David Manallack, Kim Thompson, Geoffrey Hooke, A/Prof. Prue Morgan
THEME Education Issues
36 Design and implementation of a benchmarking process for determining comparability and predictability of clinical placement offers
Mark Gooding *, Kassie Shardlow
37 Mapping Allied Health clinical education delivery across the spectrum
Kimberley Haines *, Robert LoPresti, Debbie Munro
38 Addressing the challenges of student placement demand
Laura Morrison *, Liza-Jane McBride
THEME eHealth / Technology / Genomics
39 Affordable technologies for healthcare
Dr Angelo Basteris, Prof Michele Sterling
40 Establishing the baseline - developing a consistent minimum data set for Allied Health in NSW
Steven Bowden *, Paula Caffrey, Georgina Frank, Lyn Biviano, Patricia Bradd, Bronwen Craig
41 Can telehealth substitute review appointments by the advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapists working in the post arthroplasty review clinic?
Stephanie Carroll *, Catherine Senserrick *, Carolyn Page
42 Efficacy of technology-aided speech therapy for the management of speech sound disorders: A review of the evidence
Lisa Furlong *, Prof. Meg Morris, Dr Shane Erickson
43 Taking bytes of Allied Health - using information and technology to raise our profile.
Rebecca George
44 Telehealth capacity building in allied health services
Ilsa Nielsen *, Jayne Kirkpatrick, Peter Fuelling
45 Development of an e-learning package for multidisciplinary clinicians on cancer malnutrition
Amber Kelaart, Lauren Muir*, Dr Karen McDonald
46 Appetite for eLearning
Lauren Muir *, Amber Kelaart, Dr Karen Donald
47 Developing a national allied health dataset
Catherine Stephens *, Jan Erven *, Mary Haire *
48 Use of gaming technology in upper limb prosthetic rehabilitation
Michelle Wallace *, Marlena Klaic
THEME Equity of Access (Indigenous, Growth Corridors, Populations at Risk)
49 Outcomes evaluation of the Work It Out chronic disease self-management and rehabilitation program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Tabs Basit, Katrina Rae*, Emma Campbell, Samara Dargan, Alison Nelson
50 Investigation of the effectiveness of nutrition intervention, in the management of malnutrition in colorectal patients receiving chemotherapy
Hollie Bevans *, Heather Jordan, Aurora Ottaway, Kathryn Pierce, Emily Karahalios
51 Clinical and cultural governance - working hand in hand in a Kaupapa Mori healthcare organisation
Janice Mueller *, Taima Campbell, Ian Rowe
52 Fighting disadvantage: Examining the role of social work in the context of an Aboriginal Sustained Home Visiting program
Kate O'Connor
THEME Extended Scope of Practice (Science Disciplines)
53 Dietitians as first contact practitioners for management of functional gut disorders
Jennifer Ellick *, Merrilyn Banks, Mark Appleyard
THEME Extended Scope of Practice (Therapy Disciplines)
54 Physiotherapy-led orthopaedic screening clinic: Analysis of 5,000 appointments
Caitlin Farmer *, Anton Harms, Robyn Coyne, Raphael Hau
55 Developing the role of speech pathology in palliative & supportive care
Tom Gauci
56 Lessons learnt from a complex, multistakeholder, online survey
Andrea Hurwood, Catherine Barrett *, Mark Minnery
57 When training is not enough
Laura Morrison, Liza-Jane McBride *
58 Development of a credentialing package to support the introduction of advanced practice occupational therapy driver assessor roles
Sharon Neale *, Kate Cranwell
59 Discharged from outpatient care post-arthroplasty at 3 months without seeing an Orthopaedic Surgeon
David O'Keeffe *, Ton Tran, Brendon Zeman, Ali Gibbs
60 Creating an Allied Health rural generalist model of care by implementing the Calderdale Framework using clinical re-design Methodology
A/Prof Alison Pighills
61 Application of a single session framework in child development services: Advanced scope of practice for allied health clinicians
Jordana Rigby *, Jannie Leach *, Linda Barry *
62 The factors that influence decision making: A overview for service providers
Dr Rachael Schmidt
63 Ordering of blood tests by the advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapists at st vincent's hospital melbourne emergency department
Bridget Shaw *, Tom Collins
64 Advanced practice in continence and women's health physiotherapy: A multi-site pilot
Dr Margaret Sherburn *, Sarah Clever, Jane Carlin, Hayley Irving, Sarah Lorentzen *, Fiona Brennan, Yvonne McNeel, Hannah Graetz
65 The lumps and bumps of establishing a rural multidisciplinary paediatric feeding clinic
Wendy Swan, Tammy Phelps *
66 Transdisciplinary practice: How can allied health identify and shape the potential and limitations?
Jessica Toohey
67 Using simulation to educate transdisciplinary learners: An effective competency based education strategy?
Jessica Toohey
68 'Smoking & You' - a unique occupational therapist & pharmacist co-facilitated inpatient education group in an acute mental health facility.
Anna Treloar-Tanner *, Michelle Kent
THEME Health Economics / Financial Sustainability
69 Cost-effectiveness analysis - a novice's experience
Kristen Demedio, Adrienne Young, Edward Burn, Dr Merrilyn Banks, Dr Alison Mudge, Jenna Stonestreet*
70 Advantages and challenges of providing weekend allied health services on acute medical and surgical wards: The managers' perspective
Deb Mitchell *, Dr Lisa O'Brien, A/Prof. Anne Bardoel, Prof. Terry Haines
71 Physiotherapy volunteers in a sub-acute setting
Melissa Roberts, Anne Maree Cox, Katrina Angus, Cassy Little , Jane Livingston, Jane Carlin, Sarah Milne, Stuart Cavill*
72 Now you're healed, let's get you heeled; footwear for the high-risk foot
Sonja Rogasch *, Jane McCann, A/Prof Paul Wraight
73 Disinvestment research in high-risk clinical populations: Weekend allied health services to acute medical and surgical ward tracheostomy patients - "a pilot non-randomised controlled clinical trial"
Mitchell Sarkies *, Dr Kelly-Ann Bowles, Dr Elizabeth Skinner, Deb Mitchell, Romi Haas, Karen Salter, Melissa Ho, Prof. Terry Haines
THEME Inter-Professional Practice
74 Medication at any cost? Exploring the unique partnership between social work and pharmacy in a specialist cancer hospital
Denise Beovich *, Alison Hocking, Fiona Wiseman, Allan Shum, Sue Kirsa, Danni Mendonca
75 Sexuality and stroke: Implementing the evidence to stroke survivors undergoing inpatient rehabilitation
Anita Brown-Major*, Dr Christine Cowan
76 Allied health and MHPN - a growing connection
Chris Gibbs
77 You are not alone: Client centred provision of information to patients on discharge from the acute and sub-acute setting
Louise Mogg
78 How much do cancer care clinicians know about cancer malnutrition?
Lauren Muir, Amber Kelaart *
79 Menu ordering systems: Exploring their impact on patient satisfaction with hospital foodservices
Ella Ottrey *, Dr Judi Porter
80 Negative mealtime interruptions in hospitals: Findings of a series of observational studies
Dr Judi Porter *, Anita Wilton, Jorja Collins
81 Issues in addressing psychological wellbeing and depression in people with aphasia: Need for inter-professional practice.
A/Prof Miranda Rose *, Caroline Baker, Jasvinder Sekhon, Dr Marcella Carragher, Dr Kyla Brown, Dr Brooke Ryan, Prof. Jacinta Douglas, Prof. Linda Worrall, Prof. Ian Kneebone
82 Service provision for post-stroke aphasia in acute and sub-acute settings: Solutions for addressing the evidence-practice gaps.
A/Prof Miranda Rose *, Abby Foster, John Pierce, Maya Menahemi-Falkov, Jasvinder Sekhon, Dr Shane Erickson, Dr Annie Hill, Dr Robyn O'Halloran, Prof. Linda Worrall
83 Every patient ... every interaction ... every time. Redefining the therapeutic principle to maximise inter-professional practice & patient outcomes
Christine Stone *, Ann Yeomanson, Damian Gibney
84 Interdisciplinary Allied Health advanced practice pilot in general medicine; phase one
Dina Watterson *, Indi Swan, Desiree Terrill, Lisa Somerville, Lyndell Keating, Kathleen Phillip
THEME Knowledge Transfer
85 An educational play therapy intervention, deconstructed
Amber Hill
86 Sustaining evidence in clinical practice: Introducing Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) across a large tertiary hospital
Brittni Nielsen *, Marlena Klaic
87 Establishing social work bereavement practice in an acute oncology specialist hospital
Alison Hocking, Kathryn Turner
THEME Models of Care (Multi-disciplinary)
88 Understanding consumer and clinician preferences for inpatient rehabilitation after joint arthroplasty
Mark Buhagiar *, Dr Justine Naylor, Dr Grahame Simpson, Prof. Ian Harris, A/Prof. Friedbert Kohler
89 Kooyong multidisciplinary low vision clinic: An optometry perspective
Mae Chong *, Dr Jonathan Jackson, Gay Hickey, A/Prof. Sharon Bentley
90 Streamlining access to falls and balance services
Luke Cosgrave *, Rosaria Iannelli, Sue Hull, Nicky Tully
91 On the right track: Peter Macs response to optimising cancer care for older patients
Jackie D'Abaco *, Tegan Murnane *
92 Centralised triage of spinal referrals - a model for establishing consensus and directing patients to more appropriate timely care
Adam de Gruchy *, Uyen Phan, Tanya Yuen, John Cunningham, Prof. Danny Liew, Prof. Ian Wicks, Dr John Moi
93 Back pain Assessment Clinic: The feasibility and effectiveness of a primary care-based, physiotherapy-led spinal service.
Adam de Gruchy *, Uyen Phan, John Cunningham, Tanya Yuen, Prof. Ian Wicks, Dr John Moi
94 Defining Allied Health interventions in palliative care
Jenny Downes, Edite Tang, Mark Buhagiar *, Abdul Shaik
95 One size does not fit all - reviewing the Pain Management Service at Broadmeadows Health Service
Helen Easterby *, Michelle Stillman *
96 Development of an innovative and comprehensive allied health program in an adult mental health extended care unit.
Jillian Ensor *, Jaye Thompson *, Jude Hewavasam, Jacqui Whitehead
97 Service provider perspectives for optimising system interfaces within the Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM) model of care
Dr Desley Harvey *, A/Prof. Michele Foster, Rachel Quigley, A/Prof. Edward Strivens
98 Optimal cancer care pathways: Achievements and future directions
Alison Hocking *, Alexandra Philpott, Prof. Robert Thomas, Kathryn Whitfield
99 Evaluation of the implementation of a Tracheostomy Review Service (TRS) - do all get the same positive outcomes?
Clare Holdsworth *, Louise Malcolm *, Dr Anne Marie Southcott, Dr Elizabeth Skinner, Dr Sanjeevan Muruganandan
100 Illuminating redesign through shadowing
Glenda Kerridge *, Jo Gatehouse, Damian Gibney, Geraldine Millard, Ann Yeomanson
101 The effectiveness of a volunteer meal assistance program to improve the nutritional intake of aged care patients in hospital
Allison Lauder *, Hollie Bevans, Kathryn Pierce, Aranka Nenov
102 Better together: An allied health led 'one stop shop' for falls prevention
Brooke Lee *, Neo Damba *
103 Meet Your Feet: A person centred multidisciplinary self-management health education program.
Tina Loxley
104 Top to toe
Kim Manderson *, Katie Van Der Kraan *, Priscilla Hedger *, Jo McEllinney *
105 Putting our best feet forward - A collaborative approach to healthy feet
Kathleen McClintock *, Jo Richie, Andrew Nashed, Sarah Parks, Melissa Mair
106 Complex regional pain syndrome: A new model of care inmproving patient outcomes
Zoe Milner*, Hayley O'Sullivan
107 An e-health approach to improving diabetic foot screening and reducing amputations for people in rural South Australia
Fiona Murray *, Rosy Tirimacco
108 The structured rollout of negative pressure wound therapy across community health services in country South Australia.
Fiona Murray
109 Multidisciplinary diabetes eye care services through the Australian College of Optometry
Leanne Nguyen *, Dr Genevieve Napper, A/Prof. Sharon Bentley
110 Interdisciplinary management for malnutrition in hospital
Kathryn Pierce *, Allison Lauder, Aranka Nenov, Hollie Bevans
111 Preliminary data demonstrating the impact of an ENT allied health practitioner service on ENT waiting lists at Logan Hospital
Marnie Seabrook *, Sally-Ann Schilt, Prof. Liz Ward, Dr Bernard Whitfield
112 Supporting high quality nutrition care with a malnutrition governance toolkit
Natalie Simmance *, Rebecca McIntosh
113 What are the benefits of an allied health team in an Emergency Department?
Cathie Smith *, A/Prof. Lou Harms *
114 Rural Pilot Falls Prevention Program
Meaghan Sully *, Nerae Anstee
115 Close the Wait Strategy: A dynamic approach to wait list management
Kathryn Witt *, Paula Hennessy
THEME Models of Care (Multi-Morbidity)
116 Generalized outpatient rehabilitation program compared to usual care on functional exercise tolerance in people with multimorbidity: a pilot randomized controlled trial.
Kathryn Barker *, Kathryn Ritchie, Annemarie Lee, Anne Holland, Terry Haines, Monica Turczyniak, Lee Thomas, Claire Boote, Fiona Pazsa, Elizabeth Skinner
117 Does eating environment have an effect on the intake in the elderly.
Aranka Nenov, Karon Markovski, Aurora Ottaway*, Elizabeth Skinner
118 Aquatic physiotherapy management of an elderly orthopaedic patient with obesity
Catherine O'Brien *
119 Frontline and patient centred: Orthopaedic Screening in Primary care (OSiP)
David Smith *, Maree Raymer
120 Life after stroke: Peer support program.
David Towl, Ayesha Ghosh*, Sonia Thomas, Bronwyn Davies, Fiona McKinnon
THEME Prescribing
121 Can we do better? Consolidating consumer involvement in therapeutic practice
Rebekah Cranmer *, Janelle Johanson *
122 Use of a Decision Support Software (Guidance MS) to guide prescribing of new oral anticoagulants (NOAC)
Vinod Chellaram *, Ameeta Chhanabhai, Dr Lachlan Hayes, Dr Prahlad Ho
123 Pharmacist prescribing in the UK: Can we apply a similar model to Australia?
Kyrillos Guirguis
THEME Professional Development / Skill Building (Clinical / Advanced Practice )
124 Building expertise in Allied Health
Carmel Blayden
125 Development of paediatric physiotherapy acute care competencies.
Elizabeth Dalla Santa, Clare McKinnon*, Dr Ruth Nicholls, A/Prof. Bev Eldridge*
126 An approach to hoarding disorder for Allied Health professionals working in the community.
Leah Hewitt
127 The speech pathology workforce in remote areas of Australia - What does the future hold?
Nanthini Kanthan *, Prof. Dean Carson
128 Investing in our staff
Leonie Pearce, Kate Desneves, Sofie Modulon*, Fiona Sammut
129 Emergency Department patients with complex health and social needs: what do social workers do?
Carol Quayle *, Annabel Henderson, A/Prof. Fiona McDermott
130 Critical appraisal skills should be front and centre of workforce development agendas? A pseudo-experimental before and after study.
Jenna Stonestreet *, Jack Bell
131 We've got SWAGER (Social Work and Groups Enhancing Rehabilitation)
Melanie Wells *, Lisa Bloomfield *, Angela Whelan *
THEME Professional Development / Skill Building (Communications with Consumers)
132 Interventions and outcomes - what are social work documenting at Western Health?
Anne Ingram *, Teresa Grant, Cathy Dow *
133 Allied Health and community services negotiation skills and influencing behaviours training
Natasha Toohey, Ms Gabriela Veliz *, Ms Linda Betts
134 The Allied Health educator & data manager: Using data to facilitate service delivery & patient outcomes.
Matthew Webb *
THEME Research and Quality Improvement
135 AH RAPID: Allied Health Rapid Assist Promoting Immediate Discharge - provision of equipment on acute medical wards to facilitate patient flow at a regional hospital.
Katie Arnott *, Cate Carter
136 Measuring the research culture of allied health at Bendigo Health
Donna Borkowski *, Dr Carol McKinstry, Dr Matthew Cotchett
137 Fasting audit in orthopaedic and orthogeriatric unit patients
Caroline Calkin *, Vanessa Carter, Kathryn Pierce, Irene Deftereos
138 High level care discharges: A review of occupational therapists confidence and understanding.
Elizabeth Castles, Bianca Furmston, Rebekah Clutterbuck, Anita Suon *, Dr Louise Corben
139 Investigation of current Australian physiotherapy service provision for extended stay antenatal inpatients
Lauren Clarke *, Elise Fraser, Tanya Darrer
140 Qualitative and quantitative study of hoarding and squalor clients in the Western Region of Melbourne.
Warren Fuge *, Jacinta Roberton *, James Morris, Elena Spasovska, Deborah Bailey, Dr Diana Perre, Dr Sook Meng Lee
141 Reducing re-admissions within internal medicine services - the patients' perspective
Marissa Galler, Lauren Boisen, Paul Stephens*
142 A pilot study investigating the dietetic weight loss interventions and 12 month functional outcomes of patients undergoing total joint replacement
Naomi Gandler, Natalie Simmance*, Dr Michelle Dowsey
143 A collocated subacute amputee service reduced acute length of stay in Melbourne's Footscray Hospital
Catherine Giuliano *, Candice Poupard *, Hannah Furlong *, Catherine Davey, Melanie Reed, Euhin Koh, Lorinda Ndenzako, Dr Ngoc Le
144 What are the barriers to implementation of the physical activity guidelines in lung cancer? A qualitative study involving expert clinicians
Dr Catherine Granger *, Prof. Linda Denehy, A/Prof. Louisa Remedios, Dr Selina Parry
145 Patient and carer perspectives of transitions across acute, sub-acute and primary care
Dr Desley Harvey *, A/Prof. Michele Foster, Rachel Quigley, A/Prof. Edward Strivens
146 Hospital presentations of the homeless: Social work initiatives in quality improvement.
Bobbi Henao Urrego
147 Lessons in developing a national collaborative research agenda in oncology social work
Alison Hocking *, Kim Hobbs, Dr Rosalie Pockett, Prof. Lynette Joubert
148 A pilot study comparing two different methods of goal setting in home based stroke rehabilitation
Emily Hogan
149 Outcome measures: Integrating their use in clinical decision making and client centred goal setting
Alison Johnson *, Hilarie Tardif
150 Assessing the reliability and validity of a physiotherapy functional measurement tool, the modified Iowa Level of Assistance scale, in acute hospital inpatients.
Lara Kimmel, Jane Elliott *, James Sayer, A/Prof. Anne Holland
151 Developing the validated Foot-care abilities questionnaire (F-CAQ), using quality improvement outcomes.
Tina Loxley
152 Utility of the Managing Well Neuro' Checklist: Pilot study of a novel clinical tool for people with long-term neurological conditions
Lisa Majteles *, Sharon Lawrie, Jenna Von Carate, Prof. Barbara Singer, Susan Alexander
153 Sexuality after stroke - not only a challenge for occupational therapy
Sarah Murphy
154 Managing the load: The impact of redesign principles on community health occupational therapy waiting times
Clare O'Brien, Emily West*, Belinda Brookes
155 Piloting the use of an I-Pad by social workers and clients in community therapy services; home based settings
Tanaya Poupard
156 The impact of providing additional Saturday therapy on self care and participation
Camilla Radia-George *, Prof. Nicholas Taylor, Kylee Lockwood, Natasha Brusco, Casey Peiris, Prof. Nora Sheilds
157 Do discharge plans for patients undergoing rehabilitation meet their requirements? An observational study
Kate Roberts *, Rachel Dempsey, Amanda Wurfel, Justin Andrews, Kathy Stiller
158 When is the right time for allied health intervention. A review of children in Out of Home Care requiring intervention
Elizabeth Scerri *, Lisa McCue *
159 Malnutrition prevalence in oncology patients over time - a regional experience.
Wendy Swan *, Deanna Cook
160 Self-reported motivators, barriers and abilities of allied health teams to undertake research: Is there a link with actual research output?
Dr Rachel Wenke *, Prof. Sharon Mickan
161 Multidisciplinary care of cardiac surgery patients - a key element of a service aiming to optimise the patient experience at Gold Coast University Hospital
Katie Williams *, Nicole Rampton, Michelle Jeffress, Jennifer Winstanley, Katherine Dunn, Amanda Butler, Penny Schofield
THEME Rural Health
162 Delivering multi-disciplinary cardiac rehabilitation in the bush: The Wimmera Hub & Spoke telehealth model, improving access for rural people
Annabel Askin, Pam Marshman*, Donna Bridge
163 Allied health students' perceptions of metropolitan versus rural clinical rotations
Greg Mundy *, Jo-anne Chapman, Anthony Wall
164 Exploring the issues for regional therapists in professional development and clinical management of neurological patients in Victoria
Jan Quiney *, Thao Nguyen, Samantha Plumb, Marlena Klaic
165 Virtual Fracture Clinic
Jenny Wheeler
166 Chest trauma management at a regional health service - is physiotherapy front and centre?
Dr Brooke Winzer
THEME Simulation Based Learning
167 Making it SIMPLE: Simulation In Multiple interProfessional Learning Environments
Carol Jewell *, Alex Gorelik, A/Prof. Peter Morley
168 Simulation in a novel environment: An interdisciplinary pool rescue
Debra Virtue *, Elizabeth Villalta, Carolyn Page, Dr Stuart Dilley, Kirsten Murtagh
169 Measuring the impact and responsiveness of the expanding SLIPAH (Simulated Learning in Paediatrics for Allied Health) Program across Queensland
Sarah Wright *, Lisa Findlay, Sarah Goodman, Rachel Thomas, Kristine Kelly
THEME Student / Graduate Projects
170 A clinical educator directed collaborative learning model for dietetic students
Tracie McRorie *, Kate Desneves, Leonie Pearce, Tobi Erickson, Sofie Modulon, Sonia Brockington
THEME Workforce Development
171 Partnerships and points of difference - opportunities for primary and tertiary health services in Victoria
Catherine Austin
172 Positive team culture: The importance of listening to your team
Jacinta Baker
173 Exercise physiologist perceptions of work setting, professional status and career pathways.
Robert Barnard *, Barry Couzner
174 From bedside to boards: Allied health leadership
Dr Rosalie Boyce *, Dr Paul Jackway
175 Analysis of the Australian orthotist/prosthetist workforce 2007-12
Leigh Clarke *, Dr Emily Ridgewell, Dr Michael Dillon, Jackie O'Connor, Sarah Anderson
176 Future proofing the allied health workforce; a South Island regional approach
Sandy Clemett *, Catherine Coups *
177 Developing leadership capability through Allied Health ward facilitator roles
Talya Cortinovis, Susan Pike*, Emma Beer
178 Review of the Monash Health grade one physiotherapy rotation model
Sarah Davenport
179 Paediatric physiotherapy training program - The Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne
A/Prof Beverly Eldridge *, Liz Dalla Santa
180 The development of Allied Health research excellence in Australian tertiary hospitals: An initiative of St Vincent's Health Network, Sydney
Prof. Vicki Flood, Dr Josephine Gwynn*, Margaret Lazar
181 Implementing a competency framework for supervisors of learners in a clinical environment
Anita Hill , Emma Scott*
182 Reaching for the stars - a social work development and leadership program
Alison Hocking *, Bridget Wall *, Tass Kostopoulos, Debra Leahy, Sonia Posenelli, Georgina Hanna, Robyn Clark, Penelope Vye, Lisa Braddy, Julia Blackshaw
183 Student supervisor skills development program
Tracie McRorie *, Leonie Pearce
184 Strong and modern: Allied Health clinical services
Prof. Sharon Mickan *, Laura Eby
185 Establishing an innovative Allied Health workforce planning blueprint to ensure best care and plan for tomorrow's workforce today
Claire Moody *, Natasha Toohey, Gaby Veliz
186 Credentialling, competency and capability in allied health: An interim evaluation of the development and implementation of a state-wide framework
Andrea Pearce *, Kathleen Philip, Donna Markham, Jill Walsh, Sam Sevenhuysen, Michael Splawa-Neyman, David Lescai, Cylie Williams
187 Allied Health workplace Learning: Developing the professions
Jane Porter *, Lisa Majteles
188 What do we want? Transition to professional practice support for early career Allied Health staff. When do we want it? Now
Kathy Relihan *, Tanya Lehmann *
189 Changing team dynamics through the use of the Team Management System
Julie-Anne Ross *, Ruth Cox *, Angela Wood, Sarah Bailey
190 Allied health staff front and centre in contributing to better patient outcomes through an inter-professional capability development framework
Julie-Anne Ross *, Ruth Cox *, Angela Wood
191 National Safety and Quality Healthcare Service Standards: Front and centre in student and staff orientation
Julie-Anne Ross *, Cate Fitzgerald
192 Developing a physiotherapy competency framework.
Rodney Sturt *, Paula Harding
193 The current state of advanced practice in allied health in Victoria
Christie Van Beek, Jane Carlin, Mathew Jenkins *