Upcoming Events

Please see below for a list of upcoming conferences and events from our health partners.


The 11th National Allied Health Conference

9-11 November 2015 (Melbourne)
The premiere conference for all allied health disciplines will be held in Melbourne in November at the Crown Conference Centre. The conference will bring together dynamic international and local expert speakers, canvassing the current and emerging issues that shape allied health as ‘front and centre’ in best patient and community centred care now,
and in to the future.

Indigenous Allied Health Conference
1-2 Dec 2015 (Cairns)

Take a STEP in the right direction and join us at the IAHA 2015 National Conference, Allied Health – Stepping into Action, 1 – 2 December 2015 at the Pullman Cairns International in Cairns, Queensland. The theme of this conference captures the diverse interdisciplinary action that occurs within the allied health sector, and how sustained holistic, strengths based approaches to health and wellbeing can achieve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health equality.

SHPA National Medicines Management Conference
3-6 December 2015

With a revamped conference program, Medicines Management 2015 will explore the patient and practitioner journeys.
  • you will uncover opportunities to advance your practice and achieve your career goals
  • you will be inspired by leaders in our profession
  • you will discover how patients will engage in their health in the future
  • you will learn how to improve patient safety and deliver an enhanced patient experience
  • you will explore sustainability in the context of rising costs and increased demand
  • These are the hidden gems that the program will help you to share and discover. You will leave Melbourne feeling inspired and empowered to embark on the challenges ahead.


    North Coast Allied Health - let's get connected
    5 March 2016 (Coffs Harbour)

    This event is for all Allied Health Professionals.
    The North Coast Allied Health Associateion (NCAHA) is a not for profit organisation designed to give Allied health professionals a single voice and provide better networking and referral opportunities for patients and practitioners on the North Coast of NSW.
    Click here for more information.


    2nd Victorian Allied Health Research Conference
    March 2017, TBC (Melbourne)