Post Conference Workshops: Thursday 12th November 2015

Two workshops will be held after the conference in M11 at the Crown Convention Centre. Attendance is free of charge but bookings are essential. Register your attendance during the NAHC 2015 Registration Process or by emailing the Conference Secretariat.

The vision for allied health in primary health

Date: Thursday 12th November
Time: 0900-1100
Venue: Room M11, Crown Convention Centre
Cost: $0 - bookings essential


Mark Cormack, the Chief Allied Health Officer and Deputy Secretary Strategic Policy and Innovation Group, will share the latest developments in the Health portfolio relating to the work of Allied Health Professionals. This will include the Commonwealth Government's thinking regarding reforms currently being considered and allied health in primary care.

Key topics for discussion will be:
·  Primary Health Networks;
·  ‘Contributing lives, thriving communities’ - Process for Commonwealth government response to the Mental Health Review;
·  Primary Health Care Advisory Group;
·  Reform of Federation white paper;
·  Medical Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce;
·  MyHealth Record (formerly ‘Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record’); and
·  Chronic Disease Framework, including the National Diabetes strategy.


International Network for Allied Health Leaders:
An Appreciative Thinking Event

Date: Thursday 12th November
Time: 1130 - 1330
Venue: Room M11, Crown Convention Centre
Cost: $0 - bookings essential

Professor Mary Lovegrove OBE
Professor of Education & Development for Allied Health Professions
South Bank University, London, UK
Professor Susan Nancarrow
Professor of Health Sciences
Southern Cross University, New South Wales, Australia

On the 21st April 2105 an Appreciative Think Space Event was held at London South Bank University. Hosted by the CHPO for Scotland, the participants including many leading academics and clinical managers involved in the development and delivery of allied health services in the UK. The event was based on the premise that the role & structure of leadership is changing and so asked the participants if they thought that an international network of allied health leaders could provide a focal point for shared learning and the development of common purposes and goals to help deal with the challenges that these changes bring.

At the heart of any Appreciative Thinking Space is the creation of time and space to think and a belief that people can and will do that when the environment and pattern of inquiry are designed to enable this thinking to take place. This is very different from the usual meetings with agendas, goals and performance conversations it is a time and space that gets to the heart of thinking and feeling and harnesses these thoughts to deliver real transformational change.

At the London event, participants were asked to think about the impact that AHPs could have on the global health agenda and also what they thought would be the first step towards designing an infrastructure to support a stronger and more coherent international presence for AHPs. Thoughts included:

  • Mapping of existing international AHP infrastructure to improve cohesion
  • Having an international presence and promoting knowledge exchange and service improvement between and across countries that will benefit service users
  • Taking on a global challenge such as the implementation of the WHO rehabilitation guidelines
  • To identify and connect with change agents to create momentum and enthusiasm

    We would very much like to build on the outcomes of this event and to share more of these thoughts with our like-minded colleagues in Australia, including members of ALANZ, and so would like to invite you all to an Appreciative Thinking Space Australian style! which will take place on Thursday 12th November, immediately following your own National Allied Health Conference.